Program 2019

The Abbey’s Musicals

> A new associated was born in 2005 at Auberive, a little rural village in the south of Haute-Marne, Arts et Culture à l’Abbaye d’Auberive (AC2A). The founders wanted to contribute to the owner’s project of making Auberive Abbey a place of cultural fusion that mixed the rich history of the listed buildings and modern cultural activities.

> The objectives have not changed: high quality interpretation – renowned artists and young talent – satisfying a convivial and family spirit.

> Classical music concert
Saturday 20 July at 6.30pm

with Clara Danchin (violin) and Anna Jbanova (piano)

Program: Mozart’s M Bb454 Sonata, F Major Sonata “Beethoven’s Spring” and Sonata N.1 in G Major from Brahms.

Full price : 18€ / AC2A members : 15€ / 12-25 years : 10€ / Free (-12 years)

Booking recommended.

> Irish music concert
LOSCÀNN : Saturday 27th July at 6.30pm

with Laura Matheos (violin), Nicolas Chambrot (guitar / bouzouki), Jérôme Demaret (tin whistle / flute / bodhran / small pipes) and Marc Voisin (low whistle / uilleann pipes)

A good wooden table and around her… a Guitar, a violin Bouzouki, Uilleann pipe, Bodhran, Whistle and go for a festive atmosphere in the colors of Ireland? A journey between tradition and modernity, tinged with various influences (jigs, reels, hornpipe, O carolan’s, but also pieces in bluegrass colors, Canadian…).

Program : traditionnal Irish music

Booking recommended.

> Classical music concert
À bord du Brighton : Saturday 3rd august at 6.30pm

with Clémentine Decouture (soprano) and Chloé Ducray (harp)

Immediate boarding for Paris-London exchanges at the turn of the 20th century: a subtle blend of popular music, musical comedy, songs, melodies annd west-end, the two capitals are mutually popular and order each other. A musical journey in the Belle Epoque led by two young talents.

Programme : Miss Hope Temple, André Messager, Francis Poulenc, Haydn Wood, Ivan Caryll, …

Click here to watch the teaser.

Full price : 18€ / AC2A members : 15€ / 12-25 years : 10€ / Free (-12 years)

Booking recommended.

> Flamenco show
Quartet Minera, Minera nueva : Saturday 10 August at 6.30pm

with Assuntina Gessa (dance), Csaba Ökrös (guitar), Christophe Tellitocci (cajon and percussion) and Emmanuel Harang (bass)

Between pure flamenco and fusion, Minera nueva explore with ardor and fierceness the rigorous codes of flamenco and her universal emotions, and invents her own language to tell her story, made of contrasts, expression, and musical and choregraphic dialogues.

Full price : 18€ / AC2A members : 15€ / 12-25 years : 10€ / Free (-12 years)

Booking recommended.

> Hawaiian swing jazz
Kaïla Sister : Saturday 17th August at 6.30pm

with Marie Salvat (singing, violin, ukulele), Paolo Conti (steel guitar, ukulele), Philippe Bord (guitar, horn) and Lucas Henri (bass)

Embark on a unique trip in the heart of the 30s, at the crossroads of Hawaiian sounds and swing tinted Hollywood imagery.

Click here to listen : It’s a good Day

Full price : 18€ / AC2A members : 15€ / 12-25 years : 10€ / Free (-12 years)

Booking recommended.

> Malagasy music concert
Trio Antsa : Saturday 24th August at 6.30pm

with Taliké Gellé (singing, percussion), Seva (mandolins, singing) and Charles Kely (guitar, singing)

Red color of the earth on the paths of the Big Island? Music and dance shine like never before. The Trio Antsa doesn’t want to maintien the flame of a tradition : they are inspired by it, they shape it like clay and re-invent it every day in a spirit of openness with the other music that they rub shoulders.

Click here to listen : Lahindringa

Full price : 18€ / AC2A members : 15€ / 12-25 years : 10€ / Free (-12 years)

Booking recommended.