Program 2020

The Abbey’s Musicals

> A new associated was born in 2005 at Auberive, a little rural village in the south of Haute-Marne, Arts et Culture à l’Abbaye d’Auberive (AC2A). The founders wanted to contribute to the owner’s project of making Auberive Abbey a place of cultural fusion that mixed the rich history of the listed buildings and modern cultural activities.

> The objectives have not changed: high quality interpretation – renowned artists and young talent – satisfying a convivial and family spirit.

> COVID-19

The programming of concerts and theatrical performances may be modified due to measures implemented by the Government linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. The events will take place in compliance with the sanitary and hygienic measures in force.


Saturday 18th July at 6:30pm – Classical music concert

with Camille Thévéneau (violin) and Adèle Théveneau (cello)

Although accustomed to playing together from a very young age, the Théveneau sisters, Camille and Adèle, form their musical tandem once reunited at the CNSMD in Paris in 2017, today Jeunes Talents.

Program: coming soon

Price: € 18 / AC2A members: € 15 / 12-25 years: € 10 / free (-12 years)

> Quatuor Anches Hantées – Opéra sans diva

Saturday 25th  July at 6:30pm – Classical music concert

For this program, no diva, colorature or baritone-martin, but a quartet of clarinets with multiple voices which assumes and catches up with oblivion some of the most emblematic pages of the operatic repertoire.

Program: Bedrich Smetana, Francesco Cilea, Giacomo Puccini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss, Ruggero Leoncavallo, Camille Saint Saens, Jacques Offenbach, Manuel de Falla et Aram Khatchatourian.

Price: € 18 / AC2A members: € 15 / 12-25 years: € 10 / free (-12 years)



Saturday 1st August at 6:30pm – Music concert

with Clémentine Decouture (soprano) and Benjamin Valette (guitar) of Quatuor Eclisses (partnership Arteggio – la Compagnie Divague)

Our Nightingale, offers you, in the midst of the treasures of our heritage, a borderless journey… from France to the United States, from Venice to London via the Mediterranean so dear to the guitar! You understand that the virus will not mask our voices or our desire to travel around the world.

Price: € 18 / AC2A members: € 15 / 12-25 years: € 10 / free (-12 years)

> BAB ASSALAM – MARAM, désir soufi

Saturday 8th August at 6:30pm – Syrian music concert


with Khaled Aljaramani (oud and percussion), Mohannad Aljaramani (percussion oud and song) and Raphaël Vuillard (clarinet, bass clarinet and flutes). (partnership Arteggio)

In 2010 Bab Assalam gave his last concert in Syria at the Aleppo Citadel alongside a dozen whirling dervishes. It was a party. Then came war, massacres and exile.

“Sufi music has inspired us from the start. It leads to a trance where the rhythms recall the beating of the heart. We seek to draw inspiration from this tradition, from this quest for inner spirituality. Today, with “Maram”, we want to revive this Syrian thought of the Turners of Aleppo, but in a different and more contemporary way. We claim the urge to return to a purer essence and a certain simplicity, to take us on a “journey without departure”, a spiritual journey where one remains seated in one’s seat. “

Price: € 18 / AC2A members: € 15 / 12-25 years: € 10 / free (-12 years)




Saturday 22nd August at 6:30pm – Theater

George Dandin, Molière

Adaptation: Cie Vagabonde / Direction: Julie Bordas and Rony Wolff / Scenography and lighting: Cie Vagabonde / Costumes: Maria Garcia Concha

With Marine Barbarit, Julie Bordas, Aymeric Haumont, Téo Lacaze, Tom Le Pottier, Adelin Tirado, Lou Tilly

History: The story of George Dandin is that of a mismatched marriage: a rich peasant, who wants to become a gentleman, marries the daughter of a couple of aristocrats, Angélique de Sotenville.


European Heritage Days – Sunday 20th September – 3:30pm –  Theater

With Catherine Mandret and Marion Sancellier. Written and directed by Sylvain Chiarelli.

History: The story of Lulu and her “rose hips” garden is a family story, a story of love and passion that takes shape over the seasons.