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> 1958, Marseille (France)
Ghislaine has been drawing since she was a child and has always dreamed of being a restorer at the Louvre. For nearly thirty years she became a nurse’s aide and worked some time in the palliative care unit in a hospital in Marseille. Having to work the night shift for many years, she taught herself how to draw during the day. From 1985 to 1990, during the aftermath of a grave depression that preceded her father’s death, she frequented the Académie Marguerite Allar where she learned how to paint and only came back to drawing in 2006, just before leaving her employment because of a disabling health condition. Since then, while being an avid fan of painting –she never misses exhibitions of her favorite artists like Van Gogh, Soutine, Séraphine, Dado, Rustin or Nitkowski-, she uses to go to therapeutic art workshops provided by social assistance and she has participated in an exhibition at the Singular Art Festival held by Danielle Jacqui in Aubagne in 2008. Ghislaine is innately very generous of nature, always surrounding herself with good friends, some of which started collections of her work, and she describes herself as being a designer for the sake of “mental survival”. Her correspondence with Laurent Danchin (during the time when she started to create her ‘Charniers’ or mass graves) is published by the editions of L’oeuf Sauvage under the title ‘La Tortue et le Lièvre’ (the tortoise and the hare), with a preface written by Claude Roffat. (in Mycelium : génie savant - génie brut, Laurent Danchin)
> 1966, Paris (France)
Louise Giamari exhibiting since the late 1980. It changes the borders of animal and plant. His work has imposed his talent at international events. She works with humble materials such as earth, hemp, flax, resin and makes palpable the links between the plant world and the animal world. "Appear and his fingers and his son disturbing and strong beings devouring explicit bowels, centaurs baroque hair, root beings ... A fragile and disturbing world where there also mastering his technique is forgotten before the intensity about. "
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GILLET Roger-Edgar
> 1924, Paris - 2004, Saint-Suliac (France)
Gillet graduated from the Ecole Boulle then the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and started by becoming part of the ‘Abstraction Lyrique’ movement. However in 1958 to the great surprise of his friend and agent Jean Pollak, Gillet painted his first portrait. Between 1960 and1962, whilst his painting was still abstract, Gillet continued his research with a series of ink drawings entitled ‘Apötres’ but it was not until 1963 that his work switched to research on the figure with his interpretation of the ‘Cène’ and his portraits of the 12 apostles. From then on, Gillet did not stop working on the body, the portrait and landscapes. His works are present in numerous public collections such as the Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris, the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Sao Paolo Museum, Brazil, or Oslo Museum, Norway.
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GRUSS Sabrina
> 1958, Paris (France)
After obtaining his Higher National Diploma of plastic expression and his multimedia accomplishments, she works for exhibitions of the Avignon Festival. She made several exhibitions throughout France.
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> 1974, Yssingeaux (France)
After completing his national diploma of plastic expression and his National Diploma of Fine Arts at the Regional School of Fine Arts of Saint-Étienne, she stays in 1997 at the School of Fine Arts in Porto part of an Erasmus exchange. His artistic biography could begin in 2001, when, after the destruction of his studio and all his previous works by fire, she leaves somewhat to zero. Today she lives and works between Paris and Auvergne.
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