Apple Conservatory


> The Abbey’s three orchards, located in the 6.5 hectare park, contain an important ecological heritage. They conserve almost 70 fruit trees, mainly apples but also pears and plums.

> Some of the varieties (Calville aromatique, Codlin Hollandais, Luckert, Transparente de Croncels and Belle fille de Bourgogne, and pears such as Frédéric de Würtemberg) are rare and some are so rare that the Abbey is the only place in France where they can still be found.

> The Abbey is united with the ‘Association des Croqueurs de Pommes de Sud Champagne’ in recognition of this ‘treasure’. The aim is to protect the existing trees and to plant new varieties. The ‘Conservatoire de la Pomme’ (Apple Conservatory) is working to conserve the existing varieties by reproducing them but it is also trying to rediscover the endemic varieties that are well adapted to our climate. The objective is therefore to replant about 45 fruit trees over the next few years.

> Over the last 50 years the commercial production of fruit and genetic selection of varieties has slowly but surely reduced the choice on our market shelves. Many varieties that used to be common are in danger of disappearing. This is the reason that the Abbey is committed to protecting this heritage and to developing activities related to it.