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WITKIN Joel-Peter
> 1939, New-York (United States)
As a child he witnessed a road accident in which a young girl was beheaded in front of him. He was deeply affected by this and also by the journalistic photographs of Wegee during his adolescence. He made his first photographic experiments when he was 16 years old. After school, he made his passion his trade and was recruited by the army as a reporter for military accidents. He discovered Goya and Bosch during this period and they became his ‘héros suprêmes’. He became photography Professor at New Mexico University and was awarded numerous grants so he could continue to develop his very controversial world. Witkin regularly advertised for unusual models and morgues provided him with the raw material for his work. Once the photo was finished, Witkin's technique involved scratching with a razor, redrawing, adding pigments to the negatives in order to give them a texture that can be recognised amongst a thousand.
Baudoin Lebon Gallery