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> 1965, Osijek (Croatia)
Davor Vrankic is a prodigious draftsman exploring a very singular mental universe. Using diverse pseudo photographic effects on huge formats– focus on a part of the image, other parts out of focus, large angle deformations and other depth of field effects– he is able to bring to life, with a mere pencil and at the scale of a mural or a monumental painting, a world that is no more real than virtual images or 3D pictures. A world of impossible images showing interiors or exteriors in which, in spite of their explicit artificial character, the objects of everyday life, the industrial artefacts and the parodies of nature– trees, flowers, landscapes– seem to be animated by a kind of organic existence. Hence a disquieting unprecedented presence, partly expressing the permanent anxiety of a hypersensitive author, haunted by the absurd presence of things but also by the unlimited possibilities of the graphic technique of which he is a perfect master. Under Realism, virtual bio-realism, or pseudo realism, there is no label that matches this style of art, that escapes all the schools and movements of his generation. In a former period, when he was still influenced by all the repertoire of Western painting, by Christian culture and by the secular iconography of the new media, Vrankic, who had been trained in engraving at fine arts schools in Sarajevo and Zagreb, recapitulated all the styles and centuries of art since the Renaissance in impressive triptychs swarming with characters evoking the sadomasochistic hell of humankind in its terminal stage. In 2001, one of his drawings– Arrival of the Magician– was acquired by the MoMA in New York City. (in Mycelium : génie savant - génie brut, Laurent Danchin)
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