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> 1957, Bugey (France)
In 2006, she began working his art full time. After arriving in Lyon in 2008, she for the first time a workshop at its disposal. His technique changes, it changes from watercolor to acrylic on canvas. His practice extends from drawing to sculpture on paper.
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LEGROS Laetitia
> 1979, Autun (France)
A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Bourges in 2003, she joined in 2006 The Fresnoy, where she made her first film performance of three entries (drawing, dance and film) for a clip. His work puts to the test the design of space and time. In 2008, she directed The drawing machine, a facility which provides real-time transcription of a comic filmed space.
Video by Fresnoy : Laetitia Legros, "Machine à dessiner"
LENCI Christelle
< 1967 (France)
After her art studies, she chose to be illustrator for children. Then she moved to Cavaillon where she set up a studio to draw everyday.
Béatrice Soulié Gallery
LEROY Eugène
> 1910, Tourcoing - 2000, Wasquehal (France)
He began painting after discovering the work of Rembrandt around 1925. After a brief stint at the School of Fine Arts in Lille and Paris, he moved into the Meuse with his wife. From 1936 he made numerous trips such as Europe, Asia and the United States. Exhibitions are presented in the world and received many awards.
Claude Bernard Gallery
> 1925, Storsjökapell (Suede) - 2008, Sundsvall (Suede)
Lindström was born in northern Sweden. He created deep bonds, which he maintained throughout his life, with the Lapps, ethnicity and myths. From 1944 to 1949 he studied at the School of Art of Isaac Grünewald (Stockholm), at the School of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Chicago Art Institute and the Academy André Lhote (Paris). CoBrA by expression but have never belonged to the group of the same generation, it was closely linked to Jorn and often exhibited with Appel. Lindström is a loner, "barbaric" the splendid sense. There resource his imagination every summer in contact with the Sami people, and by his many trips around the globe. A dense material, sensual, exclusive use of pure color, transmit cosmic energies and carry the sagas of the Nordic man to climax: a generous work excessive, great theater of life. He often illustrated Shakespeare. The painter is now present in many museums and Lindström Foundation in Sweden has erected a monumental sculpture, the "Y", near Suzdal has become the logo of the tourist office in northern Sweden.
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