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ICHIBA Daisuke
> 1963, Kumamoto (Japan)
Daisuke Ichiba belongs to that generation of artists strongly influenced by the golden age of manga. His works are a mixture of eroticism and all kinds mutilation scenes. It draws on the poses of her friends when he takes pictures and news items to compose his murder scenes or spectacularly violent and bloody suicides. He gave her the darkest pages in the Nippon against-culture. Navigating the borders of contemporary art, comic book, black poetry and loud music, he defines himself as a painter of beauty. An often morbid beauty where blind and impassive alongside schoolgirls dead animals. Daisuke Ichiba was published in France by the Dernier Cri, the Lézard Noirand Jhon Magazine. He also participated in the group exhibition "Drawings sharp" at the Halle Saint-Pierre. He had a solo exhibition in Paris in Monte-en-l'air, in September-October 2006 and the Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille, in studios of Dernier Cri.
Chaos of Daisuke Ichiba