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> 1973 (France)
Christian Guémy said C215 is an urban artist, stencil working Vitry-sur-Seine. It regularly invites international artists to transform his city. Known internationally, he presents works painted on recycling objects in galleries in France and in the world. In 2014, he was asked to create 20 illustrations for the game Far Cry 4 Ubisoft.
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CADIOU Patrice
> 1947, Paris - 2015, Paris (France)
He began to learn classical dance, very young. In the 60s, he worked for Sarah Bernard Chatelet theater as a professional dancer. He engaged in the company of the Bordeaux Opera. Under the guidance of JC Dutihl he shows his first sculptures. His artistic creation will take a completely different scale from its plant in the Landes. He will live in Paris, Cadaques (where he met his wife) then Auberive.
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> 1960, Toulouse (France)
Autodidact sculptor, he began to make collages and modeling. He discovered the paper-mache caricatures and realizes that it incorporates with various recycled materials.
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> 1971 (France)
Daughter of Aïni painter, she worked at the Ministry of Justice before reaching a cruel disease. Although this artist carries the paint occasionally, her work includes more than two thousand paintings which reminds us of his talent.
> 1957, Buenos Aires (Argentina) - 2005, Pontoise (France)
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> 1910, Avallon - 1964, La Roche-sur-Yon (France)
A dreamy child with poor health who was apprenticed at the age of 13. He had several jobs including being a cobbler. He met Otto Freundlich and Jeanne Kossnik-Kloss whilst visiting Paris in 1936 and they revealed his artistic destiny to him. The following year, the couple organised his first exhibition. The painter Jean Dubuffet, who invented the raw art concept in 1946, was Chaissac’s main source of encouragement because he saw in him the archetype of the raw artist. From 1948, the painter isolated himself in Vendée with his wife where he created and corresponded greatly. This was a very prolific period and he produced numerous painted objects (recycled items most of the time), coloured totems on wood and also collages of wallpaper.
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> 1957, Lyon (France)
Following an education at Sète and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts at Montpellier, he very quickly acquired fame through his participation in the 'Après le Classicisme' exhibition at the Musée de Saint-Étienne which showcased new trends in contemporary art. He was a co-founder of the movement that Ben called 'Figuration Libre' and his painting spoke about society, violence, sexuality, people's suffering and their little pleasures, their smallness, their grandeur. This painter was influenced by the world of cartoon stories and rock and claimed his popular character. His work has already been the subject of numerous retrospective exhibitions in France (Musée des Sables d'Olonnes, Musée de Saint-Etienne...) and abroad (South Korea).
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