The Abbey’s Musicals

> A new associated was born in 2005 at Auberive, a little rural village in the south of Haute-Marne, Arts et Culture à l’Abbaye d’Auberive (AC2A). The founders wanted to contribute to the owner’s project of making Auberive Abbey a place of cultural fusion that mixed the rich history of the listed buildings and modern cultural activities.

> The objectives have not changed: high quality interpretation – renowned artists and young talent – satisfying a convivial and family spirit.

Programme 2017


Saturday, 27th May at 6:30pm
With Kato Rodriguez and its set Musocc Illary with Ricky Rodríguez, Hugo Quispe, Lino Rodríguez, Pascal Llinares, Ludgardo Lajo
medeorganisator Arts Vivants 52.
This ensemble, born in Arequipa in Peru in 1979, is the union of Kato Rodríguez with five musicians. They decided to form this vocal and instrumental ensemble to promote the popular folklore of Latin America.
Prices: Full price: 18€, reduced price: 15€, free for children under 12 years


Saturday, 22nd July at 6:30pm
ENSEMBLE CONVIVENCIA : with Friederike Schulz (Singing with bow with bow), Bernard Revel (Singing, guiterne, lute), Stephan Olry (Singing, Percussion), Xavier Bazoge (Singing, guitar)
This ensemble has created numerous productions, concerts, shows and musical theater of the Carnival and the Commedia dell’Arte. In 2004, he won the Grand Prize of the Jury of the Alsace Foundation, the most prestigious award of the foundation. The four singers of the Quartet Convivencia present a program that draws on the pure tradition. Mixing ancient and modern, the singers interpret with fine the polyphonies dating from the 15th and 16th century while retaining a great part of creativity. Their arrangements of popular songs are of a beautiful invention, their refined voice tones bear witness to a rare purity.
PROGRAM: musical Europe at the origins of the Comedy (Carnival, Farce, Commedia dell’Arte): the Canevas, Germany and the Carnival Songs, the Song of the Farces in France, the Italian Commedia dell’Arte Spanish in the days of the Cervantes.
Prices: Full price: 18€, reduced price: 15€, free for children under 12 years


Saturday, 29th July at 6:30pm
With Sjaan Oomen (violon), Koen Stapert (violon), Anna den Herder (alto), Sietze-Jan Weyenberg (violoncelle), Heleen Oomen (clarinette).

Prices: Full price: 18€, reduced price: 15€, free for children under 12 years


Saturday, 5th August at 6:30pm
With Clémentine Decouture (soprano), David Bros (accordéon) et Aurore Daniel (violoncelle)

A concert on the theme of the journey which allies classical music, songs of former days and music of the world, through the centuries and the styles.

Immediate boarding with an original training for voice, cello and accordion! A musical walk of Haendel to Fernandel where Sparrow is next to Schubert and Galliano discovers Bizet …

Prices: Full price: 18€, reduced price: 15€, free for children under 12 years


Opening: Saturday 12nd August 12 at 7:00pm
Exhibition visible from 13rd to 18th August
EXHIBITION: Yiqing Yin. Haute-Couture stylist / Nathalie Malric. photographer
THEATER: Directed by Sylvain Chiarelli / Creative Writing by Juliette Speranza. / Marion Sancellier. Actor / Catherine Mandret. Actor / Jean-Claude Pouyet. Music / Maxime Collier. Management
The point of this creation is this “land of art and history” that is the territory of the Pays de Langres. Highlights of this sector have been chosen (town of Langres, Auberive abbey, Cohons gardens, Pailly castle, …) in which Nathalie Malric set her goal for a series of photographs combining heritage with a model dressed in Creations of Yiqing Yin (rising star of Haute Couture).
In this photographic exhibition, a literary creation by Juliette Speranza (Le Promontoire) and Sylvain Chiarelli (Compagnie Preface) will be performed, which will be the subject of a theatrical interpretation during the opening of the exhibition. The Pays de Langres will become the setting for a modern and poetic epic, mixing reality and dreams. The characters of the play will be alternately aedes or imaginary and fantastic characters.


Saturday, 26th August at 18:30pm
QUADRATONE With Jean-Paul Thiérion (guitar), Marc Simonnot (guitar), Antoine Di Constanzo (saxophon), Michel Radel (low) et David Marion (drums)
The sound of Quadratone is based on compositions, each of which describes a new musical adventure or explores a sound landscape aside. Because of this, the colors of their music are multiple.
They are similar to several mixed styles, on the borders of jazz, rock, world music or other sonorous worlds that leave room for the improvisation and the energy of the musicians.
Prices: Full price: 18€, reduced price: 15€, free for children under 12 years


Saturday, 9th September at 18:30pm
LES GRANDES GUEULES : avec Victoria Rummler (soprano), Marie Foessel (mezzo-soprano), David Richard (basse) et Bruno Lecossois (ténor)

medeorganisator Arts Vivants 52.
This group of Jazz Vocal a capella, founded by Bruno Lecossois in 1993, is native to the Montpellier region. Originally, their first repertoire consisted of Boby Lapointe’s cover. Bruno Lecossois’s compositions, mixing the influences of the Doubles Six, Jean-Sébastien Bach, Frank Zappa, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne and Diamanda Galas, not to mention Boby Lapointe and Raymond Queneau. There is only singing, voices and sounds from the body (chest strikes, clapping of tongues, rubbing of hands).
PROGRAM: this group will revisit the non-standard repertory of Henri Salvador
Prices: Full price: 18€, reduced price: 15€, free for children under 12 years