The Abbey’s Musicals

> A new associated was born in 2005 at Auberive, a little rural village in the south of Haute-Marne, Arts et Culture à l’Abbaye d’Auberive (AC2A). The founders wanted to contribute to the owner’s project of making Auberive Abbey a place of cultural fusion that mixed the rich history of the listed buildings and modern cultural activities.

> The objectives have not changed: high quality interpretation – renowned artists and young talent – satisfying a convivial and family spirit.

Programme 2018

Saturday 28th july at 6.30pm
Classical concert.

With Ivana Alkovic and Maarten Den Hengst

Duet of neerlandais pianists with Myrthe Helder (violin) and Peter Hoeben (horn).
PROGRAM: Bizet, Brahms, Dukas, Kreisler, Mozart, Poulenc, Ravel.
Price : full price: 18€, reduced rate: 15€, free for less than 12 years old

Saturday 4th August at 6.30pm
Classical concert.

With Stanislas Gosset (violin), Clara Chartré (violin), Thomas Levier (viola) and Clément Dami (cello)

The Quartet Ernest forms at the instigation of four students of the Music High School of Geneva, in the class of Gábor Takács-Nagy. The first recor of the Quartet, recorded together with the pianist Sylviane Deferne, went out in January 2017 under the label Doron Music. Warmly welcomed by the criticism, receives the reward ” Piano Maestro ” in the ‘Pianiste’ French magazine.
Price : full price: 18€, reduced rate: 15€, free for less than 12 years old

Saturday 11st August at 6.30pm
Cabaret gypsy concert.

(Supported by SPEDIDAM)

With Paul Guta (violin), J.B. Morel (double bass), Alex Zuanon (guitar and bouzouki), Vassili Tcheretski concertina and song) et Estelle Panne (guitar and song).
All stemming from different horizons, are going to take you in a whirlwind of Russian, Rumanian musics, Gypsy and French …
PROGRAM : cabaret gypsy
Price : full price: 18€, reduced rate: 15€, free for less than 12 years old

Saturday 18th August at 6.30pm
Concert of Cuban music.

(co-organized with Arts Vivants 52)

With Julio David Lopez Perez (Song, guitar, maracas, güiro), Thibaut Chipo (percussions), Anthony Hocquard (guitar), Olivier Herrmann (bass) and Sylvain Richard (trombone).

Son Del Salón, groups revelation 2016 to the Tempo Latino festival, 1st festival of Latin music of Europe. Welcome in the show to windows always open … A wind of freshness passes off Havana, Son Del Salón asserts his style through its compositions freely inspired by the music traditional Cuban, the salsa and the afro-Cuban folklore.
PROGRAM : Cubano, Latin pop, salsa, with influences coming from the cumbia, from the song from Barcelona or still from the jazz …
Price : full price: 18€, reduced rate: 15€, free for less than 12 years old

Saturday 25th August at 6.30pm
Music concert of the World.

(co organized with Arteggio)

With Gaspard Panfiloff (balalaïka and guitar), Eric Meunier (concertina) and Alain Polloni (double bass).

Musicians boatmen of dreams and joy of life, they embark us for a world tour in music. This concert is an invitation in the journey…
PROGRAM : From the Argentina to Ireland, from Russia to Brazil, of the folklore in jazz via the tango..
Price : full price: 18€, reduced rate: 15€, free for less than 12 years old/em>

saturday 15th SEPTEMBer

Play of Georges Feydeau, Setting the scene Hakim Maraoui

Atelier Théâtre d’Arc Patrimoine & Culture, supervised by Hakim Maraoui, the play  Tailleur pour dames, Georges Feydeau’s comedy, king of the Light comedy. The play was created in Paris in 1886, while Feydeau was only 24 years old. His success was immediate and continues until our days. To hide his connection with a patient, a doctor is pulled in a waterfall of lies and quiproquos in the face of his wife, his mother-in-law, his mistress, the husband of his mistress, the mistress of the husband of his mistress characters all more absurd some than the others.
Price : 10€ , free for less than 12 years old

Sunday, 2nd December from 10am to 7pm

Be allowed seduce by the intimate and warm atmosphere of this Cistercian abbey the heritage of which unites with the magic of Christmas. This real market of the small business crafts and the terroir will propose you a wide choice of stands to make your shopping of Christmas. You will discover it products which you can taste in family or between friends during Christmas and new Year holidays. You will find also numerous ideas of traditional and original presents there. These various craftsmen, producers, wine growers, artists, creators, won’t hesitate to share with you their passion and know-how.
Price : Free