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The Abbey’s Musicals

> A new associated was born in 2005 at Auberive, a little rural village in the south of Haute-Marne, Arts et Culture à l’Abbaye d’Auberive (AC2A). The founders wanted to contribute to the owner’s project of making Auberive Abbey a place of cultural fusion that mixed the rich history of the listed buildings and modern cultural activities.

> The objectives have not changed: high quality interpretation – renowned artists and young talent – satisfying a convivial and family spirit.

Programme 2016

Messemvria. Bulgaarse a capella polyfonie

Saturday, 11st June at 6:30pm – Chapel
With Mary SCAGLIA (mezzo), Milena ROUDEVA (baritone), Martine SARAZIN (soprano), Milena Jeliazkova (soprano)
Balkanes is a Bulgarian polyphony a cappella quartet based in Lyon that runs throughout France, Europe and North Africa since 1998.
In the Old Bulgaria, beyond the historical facts, what matters is the fervor that transcends the boundaries between secular and spiritual worlds. Much more than a sound immersion or a trip in Bulgaria of yesteryear, this show, by the rise of his songs, causes your body and soul at the heart of being, where sacred and profane merge .
Prices: Full price: 18 €, reduced price: € 15, free for children under 12 years

Concert with Pierre Laniau

Saturday, 18th June at 6:30pm – Chapel
with Pierre Laniau (Guitar)
Program: Albeniz, Satie, Tarrega, Villa-Lobos
Prices: Full price: 18 €, reduced price: € 15, free for children under 12 years

Portraits en Jazz

Saturday, 9th July et 6:30pm- chapel
With Roselyne Allouche (mezzo-soprano), Benoît Lallemand (bass), Nicolas Woillard (saxophone).
Inspired by the paintings of childhood, the exotic, seduction, and the bestiary, this new formation (vocals, saxophone and bass) will perform variations and improvisations on tunes and classical melodies by Rossini, Offenbach, Bizet, …
The musicians give us and share with the audience their vision of old works which, through the centuries, come the move and inspire today …
In partnership with Arteggio.
Prices: Full price: 18 €, reduced price: € 15, free for children under 12 years

Workshop in danse : Carroussel

Monday, 18th July to Saturday, 23rd July
Show at the Abbey: Saturday, 23rd July
Classical and contemporary dancer, his time at the Folkwang Hochschule school run by Pina Bausch was decisive in the evolution of his work.
Mariangela Siani propose an artistic stay in dance, food and accommodation on site for participants (duration: 6 days, 5 hours per day). For this new edition, the collaboration between Mariangela Siani and Arc Horse dancers will combine dance and dancing horses.
In partnership with the Performing Arts 52 and the Compagnie Errance.
Prices, information, registration:

10ème rencontre pour une fanfare non-conventionnelle

Monday 8th to Sunday, 14th August
Show in wandering in the abbey: Saturday, 14th August
Soon more information …
with the association Scudo 52.
Prices: free participation

Mathias Duplessy & les violons du monde

Saturday, 20th August at 18:30pm – Chapel
With Mathias Duplessy (guitarist), Guo Gan (er-hu), Tumursaihan Janlav (morin khuur), Alyosha Regnard (Scandinavian fiddle nickelharpa).
Four virtuosos blend Western and Eastern writing orality, appropriating familiar partitions of the West, while providing an interpretation that without exoticism upside, still nourishes their own musical past.
Four virtuosos who contrive to “play” the world differently, to make new road on sound unheard paths, to dream together of another world.
In partnership with Carthagomusic.
Prices: Full price: 18 €, reduced price: € 15, free for children under 12 years