Exhibition of trophies and local market, crafts and gardening

Saturday 25 March: 10am to 7pm // Sunday 26 March: 9am to 7pm //
The Auberive Abbey will again host on 25 and 26 March 2017 the annual exhibition of deer trophies and a market of the terroir, Crafts and gardening organized by the Federation of Hunters of Haute-Marne.
More than 70 merchants, craftsmen, painters and photographers will participate with the special hunting associations at this event. New exhibitors will be present with a reinforced gardening center.
The Rallye-Nature with themed workshops for children aged 7 to 11 years accompanied by an adult will be renewed on Saturday afternoon at 14 hours. Each child will receive a gift at the end of the course.
Various events will be organized during these two days: photo, painting and trophy exhibitions, a naturalized animal scene, free games, a Sunday mond exchange, and hunting trumpet tones.
A garage sale will also be organized on Sunday morning in the streets of the village.

Opening hours in March

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