Trophy exhibition, crafts and gardening markets, rally-nature, dogs competition: 24th and 25th March 2018

Auberive Abbey will welcome again on 24th and 25th March, the annual exhibition of the trophies of deers and a market of the country, crafts and gardening markets organized by the Federation of the Hunters of the Haute Marne. More than 70 exhibitors: creative craftsmen, painters and photographers will participate with the hunting associations specialized in this demonstration.  Rally-nature intended for the children from 7 to 11 years old accompanied with an adult (on saturday from 2pm to 7pm). Various animations: exhibitions of photos, paints and of trophies, scene of naturalized animals, free games, competition of dogs in Auberive forest..

Exhibition of the collection of the Auberive Abbey in Vienna: from 25th January to 7th October 2018

Exhibition EXISTENCE.! at the Museum Gugging in Austria. Featured artists: ADAM Sabhan, APPEL Karel, ARICKX Lydie, BADIA, BELIN Murielle, BELLMER Hans, BETTENCOURT Pierre, BIZIEN Vincent, BOIX-VIVES Anselme, BOUDEAU Joseph-Emmanuel, CERREDO Fabian, CHAISSAC Gaston, COMBAS Robert, DEREUX Philippe, GIAMARI Louise, GUALLINO, HARLOFF Guy, KREMER Alfred, KUBIN Alfred, LINDSTROM Bengt, LORAND Joël, MACREAU Michel, MARSHALL Francis, MARYAN, MUSIC Zoran, NADAU, NASSON, PETIT Marc, PONS Louis, RUSTIN Jean, SOREN, VUILLEMOT Adolphe and WITKIN Joel-Peter.


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